Wow: Iron Man Cosplay With Animated Mask And Jetpack

May 3, 2012


Note: First video contains the word 'shit' yelled kinda loud because brobro with the camera can't believe his eyes.

This is a very short video (followed by a longer one) of Anthony Le showing off his homemade Iron Man Mark VII costume while a Creeper watches silently from behind. It's impressive. Unfortunately for us, Anthony says his CO2 tank was nearly depleted so we don't get the full jetpack effect in the video. That's a shame. Also a shame? Pulling into a parking spot at the grocery store before realizing there's a scooter in it and knocking it over. Just kidding, that's not so much a shame as it is a quick back-out and calling for pizza instead.

Hit the jump for the videos and at least watch the first one.

Thanks to khz, Douglas and Slammer, who are so into cosplay that even when they're not dressed up they still think that they're themselves pretending to be themselves. That...cannot be good.

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