Wow: Iron Man Cosplay With Animated Mask And Jetpack

May 3, 2012


Note: First video contains the word 'shit' yelled kinda loud because brobro with the camera can't believe his eyes.

This is a very short video (followed by a longer one) of Anthony Le showing off his homemade Iron Man Mark VII costume while a Creeper watches silently from behind. It's impressive. Unfortunately for us, Anthony says his CO2 tank was nearly depleted so we don't get the full jetpack effect in the video. That's a shame. Also a shame? Pulling into a parking spot at the grocery store before realizing there's a scooter in it and knocking it over. Just kidding, that's not so much a shame as it is a quick back-out and calling for pizza instead.

Hit the jump for the videos and at least watch the first one.

Thanks to khz, Douglas and Slammer, who are so into cosplay that even when they're not dressed up they still think that they're themselves pretending to be themselves. That...cannot be good.

  • Just go to his home page and look at the FAQs. Half of the questions are basically saying "Are you a douche?". His replies are riddled with spelling and grammar errors so heinous even I can spot them.

  • utera

    Well he's supposedly a douche, but googling up the criticism it seems many are just butthurt jealous he doesn't tell them how he builds his stuff.  considering the vicious crap they spew on the net over this i guess he's right not to share with such retards.

  • LittleBigFace

    That's a very nice Iron Man suit you have there... it would be a shaaame if something where to happen to it...

  • Guest

    Is it wrong if I noticed the Creeper first before Iron Man in the photo?

  • JennWillo

    This guy was at Starfest 2012 and proposed to a crossgendered Loki.  Stole the show.

  • I was there! That was awesome. Although, I thought Humping Robot did a fine job as well. Serious props to the guy in the washing machine.

  • Matty Spinny

    OMFG!!!! I Want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Cool as all hell to see in life.  Congrats on the engagement as well!

  • if that creeper exploded shits over, iron man or not.

  • painweaver

    This guy did what hollywood couldn't do, i.e., they had to cgi the suit.

  • Fart_Barfunkle

    It's amazing what the human mind can accomplish when not encumbered by sexual endeavors. 

  • McfeelySmackup

    Anthony Le has a hell of a reputation for using conventions and comic events to show off his best quality work and take money from people expecting he'll deliver the same to them...and either not delivering anything, or sending extremely poor quality gear.

    He has all kinds of reasons why this happens, none of which are his fault of course.

  • Yeah, the costume itself is awesome. It's just a shame the guy inside it is a thieving jackass and a notorious rip-off artist.

  • wastedkitten

     Yeah, I saw that when I googled his name.  Such a shame :-/

  • i think i feel in love

  • SHIT. I was going to dress up as Iron Man, until I took an arrow in the knee.

  • Ralfone

    I was going to wear my Iron Man suit I made, until my arc reactor shorted and ruined most of the circuitry.  So now it's basically just a metal shell that won't move...Oh well, there's always next year.

  • austin allen


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