"World's First" Aquarium With Concealed Flatscreen

May 14, 2012


Get down from there! Who do think you are, Jesus?

Want a flatscreen television that rises from a secret nook inside an aquarium? Of course you do, you're the world's richest person living in a 350-square foot apartment that just doesn't have room for both aquarium AND television. Enter Picture House's £7,000 (~$9,000) TV Tank. I...think I'll stick to a fishbowl. No, no I won't, but I bet you could stick magnets to me like a fridge because I accidentally ate like 200 of my girlfriend's iron pills yesterday thinking they were candy. Plus a week's worth of birth control. Nobody's putting a baby in this ass! Besides, if you have a fishtank, you don't NEED a television. Just enough weed until the fish start talking. LOL, you guys are better than Seinfeld.

Thanks to Jackie, who sent me this as a press release. BOOM -- PRESS RELEASED.

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