Work In Progress: Giant Full Frontal Star Wars Leg Tattoos

May 8, 2012


I have those same panties!

WOW, those...are really gonna be something when they're finished. Something I think are tie-dye shorts from really far away and then realize are giant Star Wars tattoos when I get up close. $10 says a Jedi takes her Galactic Empire leg off in a lightsaber duel. You can't play both sides girl, you gotta pick one! Back me up Lando -- you know what I'm talking about! Lando? "When I'm not busy running Cloud City, I enjoy the smooth, crisp taste of Colt 45. Colt 45: it works every time." F*** yes it does, toss me one of those!

Thanks to beebs and Terrance, who know good and well if I get drunk enough I WILL crawl out on that little antenna underneath Cloud City that Luke was hanging from and make them take pictures.

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