WOOPSIE: Grandma Slips Out Of Skydiving Harness

May 25, 2012


I see your bra!

This is a video of 80-year old Laverne (my God what a sexy name) freaking the f*** out before a tandem skydiving jump and accidentally slipping out of her harness. Thankfully, her partner was a TOTAL PRO and managed to hold on and get her to the ground in one, unsplattered piece. Me? My hands would have been waaaaaay too sweaty for that. She would have deceased, and I would have offered to provide the eulogy at her funeral. *standing at podium, a single tear rolls down my cheek* And that's when she said to me *sniffle* what were destined to be her final words: "ARE YOU MY SOOOOOOOOOON?!"

Hit the jump for the video, but skip to 1:45 for action. Skip to 2:50 to see her skin flapping like a flag in a tornado.

  • JJtoob

    She said in the news that she didn't resist, but her bad knees gave in so she couldn't jump. And now the FAA is fining the company for unrelated undisclosed violations.

  • Peter_Pedro

    Some @$$ made the video private :/

  • Antoine
  • AdamCoates

    She looks like Ernest when he dresses in that drag with a neck brace.

  • Clip private =(

  • Skytrooper

    I think it is a stunt.That harness was so loose.

    If this was real, I'd be very surprised. I've gone skydiving myself and got the video so I know what your skin, etc looks like. You do have a choice to go back down with the plane, my friend did.

  • It almost becomes her "one in a life time" experience. Literally.

  • Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck..


    That's what happens when you have all that loose flappy skin.

  • Jim Perry

    It happens to all skin when the wind is that hard. Look up naked skydiving, and prepare to lol.

  • I was waiting to see if someone commented about that shit. Holy fuck was that hilarious.

  • BeastmanAIDS

    I know what was going through all three of their heads:

  • Amanda Padgett

    Anyone else notice how her skin looked? hahaha I may be a total prick for thinking it's hilarious but I laughed my ass off. Go back to about 2:44 and just watch her back. I laughed so hard I had to watch it again.

  • Anthony

    Not surprised by not wanting to go out the door and getting pushed. Probably happens a lot. What I'm very surprised at is the harness falling off of her while she's sitting on the plane. I remember my harness being pretty tight when I jumped. Why did neither her tandem partner or the jump leader check her harness before she went out. It scares me to think that little things like that might be missed in the rush for fun and that's what causes accidents like this.

  • Jim Perry

    It looks like she would have been just fine if she had actually followed their instructions. The whole thing was her fault. She should have made the decision to jump long before she got on that plane.

  • gillian2005

    If she says NO at even the last minute, it's NO. Instructor and tandem passenger come down with the plane. No, in this case, really does mean no.

  • Akegata

    The accident was in no way her fault. The safety of the tandem student is 100% the responsibility of the tandem instructur. He didn't do his job, she didn't do anything wrong.
    It's ok to be too terrified to do a tandem jump. It's ok to just follow the plane down.

  • Jim Perry

    I realized after posting this, that falling out of a harness is a clear sign that the harness was put on wrong. It was the combination bad granny/bad harness which combined to create this fail.

  • Abraxxes

    She wasn't pushed, he jumped over her and she was dragged, this caused the harness to come up and over the top of her, she's lucky it got caught on her knees otherwise she'd be screwed. This guy should be fired, and I wouldn't want to go to his dropzone for a jump either even if he wasn't there anymore.

  • Akegata

    From what I've heard he's lost his TI license (which I guess is kind of obvious). It does seem to be a bit unclear if really had a valid USPA tandem license to begin with though, so it's just rumors I guess.

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