Woops: Guy Dyes Himself Green Cosplaying As The Hulk

May 31, 2012


Seen here still trying to make love to the camera despite the fact his mom's giving him a scrub-down with a f***ing toilet brush, Brazilian Paulo Henrique dos Santos works at removing the green paint he used to cosplay as The Hulk. Because it wasn't just ordinary paint, you see -- it was paint designed for use on ballistic missiles and submarines. How do you even get your hands on that?!

According to Brazilian news site Extra.globo.com, Paulo had hoped to buy a brand of paint he'd used on a previous outing as the Hulk, but the shop he went to didn't have it.

As if being bright green wasn't embarrassing enough, the local press ran pictures of his mother trying to remove the paint - and referred to her as his girlfriend.

AHAHAHAHAHA -- they referred to his mom as his girlfriend. Man, I wish I'd thought of doing that. But seriously, if you're gonna coat yourself from head to toe in ballistic missile paint you better be ready to crash through a wall and explode.

Thanks to bb, who agree the only person they want crashing through a wall is the Kool-Aid Man AND HE BETTER BE SPIKED WITH BOOZE.

  • Nancy Esmade

    Hilarious at the same time yucks!!

  • Carlos Jorge

    It was not ink for ballistic missiles or submarines... LOL

  • Somebody else

    I don't think the picture(s) are real. The other pic looks like it was taken professionally and this one is too good to be true. I just have to call bullsh*t.


  • Azariel_z

    Tinha que ser Pr... wait a minute, I don't insult people like this anymore.. force of habit.. :-(

  • Pui Che

    or maybe he needs to take a chill pill. What do hulk usually do in situation where he wants to turn back into his nerdy form?

  • Meeee

    You know why they scrub him with the toilet brush right? To get the brown color back :D:D:D I'M HILARIOUS

  • Broden

    I would just get jacked, do tons of roids, and own it.

  • Jean616

    What if, what if.....it wasn't his mom in the picture.

  • It's not easy being green.

  • $18922249

    Love how the mom has that, "I cannot believe how dumb my fucking manchild of a son is... Jesus why did I work three jobs for this bullshit?"

  • Ed

    Why do you even need to paint a submarine or a ballistic missile?

  • To help protect them from rust.

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    welcome the new meme

    Sad Hulk

  • PastMidnight

    This piece of news has every element necessary to make my sides hurt from laughter. Oh god..
    whenever I feel like I've hit the bottom in my life I'll come back to this post. It just can't get any worse for this guy lmao.

  • handicappedentertainment

    Haha, that's hilarious. Not as weird as the tattoist who got fired cause he was caught tattooing his dick blue.

  • Dinosaur Rex

    That picture has too many stuff going on.

    Basically that guy is a Cosplayer with a permanent Hulk costume, and his girlfriend scrubs him with a toilet brush.

    Poor guy.

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