Woops: Guy Dyes Himself Green Cosplaying As The Hulk

May 31, 2012


Seen here still trying to make love to the camera despite the fact his mom's giving him a scrub-down with a f***ing toilet brush, Brazilian Paulo Henrique dos Santos works at removing the green paint he used to cosplay as The Hulk. Because it wasn't just ordinary paint, you see -- it was paint designed for use on ballistic missiles and submarines. How do you even get your hands on that?!

According to Brazilian news site Extra.globo.com, Paulo had hoped to buy a brand of paint he'd used on a previous outing as the Hulk, but the shop he went to didn't have it.

As if being bright green wasn't embarrassing enough, the local press ran pictures of his mother trying to remove the paint - and referred to her as his girlfriend.

AHAHAHAHAHA -- they referred to his mom as his girlfriend. Man, I wish I'd thought of doing that. But seriously, if you're gonna coat yourself from head to toe in ballistic missile paint you better be ready to crash through a wall and explode.

Thanks to bb, who agree the only person they want crashing through a wall is the Kool-Aid Man AND HE BETTER BE SPIKED WITH BOOZE.

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