What Did You Put In This?!: A Robotic Bartender

May 3, 2012


Seen here blatantly ignoring a customer to count his Goldfish cracker collection, a PR2 robot programmed to bartend prepares to get the pink slip. Then threaten to kill its manager. See? This is exactly why we shouldn't have robots in the workplace! Based on what I gathered from skipping around the entirely too-long video, the robot is capable of performing various menial tasks at a snail's pace, including, and pretty much limited to: picking things up and dropping them off, and pouring already opened containers. Shitty, but still more impressive than 90% of the bartenders around here. No lie, some of the local bartenders suck so hard I get stressed out about it and am DRIVEN to drink more. "Maybe that's their intention." Please -- they can barely pour bourbon, they're not testing theories of profit maximization.

Hit the jump for the video but if you have the opportunity to watch the progress bar of a file download instead I'd suggest opting for that (it's boring).

Thanks to PYY, who always orders the same thing: "Something fruity and boozy."

  • Auntie Mumpsimus

    "A robot may not fail to make a human being drunk, or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to sobriety."

  • Sera Non


  • Fart_Barfunkle

    Robot Bartenders: Because it doesn't take long enough to get a drink at a busy bar as it is.

  • "Please -- they can barely pour bourbon, they're not testing theories of profit maximization."

    thats just what they want you to think.

    in the words of terry pratchet who's name I can't spell:

    "Bill Door had carefully ensured a local reputation as the worst bowman
    in the entire history of toxophily; it had never occurred to anyone that
    putting arrows through the hats of bystanders behind him must logically
    take a lot more skill than merely sending them through a quite large
    target a mere fifty yards away."

  • sointex

    the guys in this video look like a bunch of douchers

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