We Get It, You Can Video Edit: Seattle Supervillain Issues Second Threat To The City's Fake Superheroes

May 11, 2012


Rex Velvet (who we will now only refer to as Mr. Mustache), Seattle's pretend supervillain hellbent on taking down Phoenix Jones and the rest of his band of misfits (who don't have full-time jobs that prevent them from having the time/energy to run around in costumes at night pretending to be comic book characters) has released another threatening video. This is that video. Listen guys: I've had enough -- from both sides. Here's what you do: I want all you asshats to get together in a public park and beat the shit out each other. And not just until there's only one man standing either, I want zero men standing. And, just to make sure it happens, I plan on fire-bombing the park while all you idiots are going at it. MWAHAHAHAHAHA -- the city will be mine!

Hit the jump for the nobody cares but you.

Thanks to Nathan J. and dorothy, who I promised well-paying henchman/henchwoman positions once the city is in my grasp.

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