Wa-Wa-Wa-Waste: Rolls Royce's New Starlight Headliner

May 24, 2012


So apparently Rolls Royce puts fiber optic lights in the roofs of its cars to look like lil stars because God forbid you put glass there so you can see the real ones. Impressive, Rolls Royce. Kidding -- I'm pretty sure the limo I took to prom a decade ago had this.

Creating an illusion of a dazzling night sky, hundreds of fibre optic lights shine through the perforated leather on the roof. The brightness of these Roll Royce-created stars can be adjusted to complement the moods and the needs of the owner. It can be bright enough to support reading and dim enough to deliver subtle glow for ultimate relaxation. It can also be switched off altogether.

I dunno, seems like a waste. I'll take a moonroof over fiber optic stars any day. Besides, it sounds like just another thing to break. And do you know what happens when the fiber optic starlight bulb goes out in your Rolls Royce? Hundreds of thousands in repair bills.

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