Video Of All The Spells From All The Harry Potter Movies

May 30, 2012



This is a 17-minute video compilation of almost all the spells being cast from all eight Harry Potter movies. Plus the movies are in order so you can find your favorite! My favorite? Gosh, it's so hard to choose. Probably the one from the first movie where, uh, that one wizard Gandalf, he, uh, you know -- the 'YOU SHALL NOT PASS' spell. "You've never seen Harry Potter have you?" Only part of the first one. Waaaaaaay too many children for me.

Hit the jump and get your hocus pocus alakawham on or whatever. "It's alakazam." YOU DON'T KNOW MAGIC.

Thanks to betsie and Mark, who don't cast spells, they cast the arms of their enemies. Get it? Because they break them. It would have sounded way cooler though if I didn't have to explain it to you.

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