Underwater Hotel To Be Built In (SURPRISE!) Dubai

May 10, 2012


This is the Discus Hotel, a hotel slated for construction in Dubai that will feature 21 underwater suites 30-meters (~100-feet) beneath the ocean's surface. It was designed for people who've always dreamed of having sex while sea turtles watch.

Water Discus Hotels comprise two discs - an underwater and above-water one. The two parts of the structure will be connected by three legs and a vertical shaft containing a lift and stairway.

Guests will be able to operate miniature vehicles from inside their rooms that will take blown-up photographs of the surrounding sea creatures.

I do like the idea of getting to control a little camera-submarine from my room. I would pilot that thing straight into a mermaid's dressing room faster than you could say OMG URSULA PUT A F***ING TOP ON.

Hit the jump for a bunch more pics including the view from a suite which doesn't have any curtains and will inevitably attract the attention of numerous camera-subs whenever you're naked/doing it.







Thanks to Plazz, bb and Martin F., who agree people who live in glass hotels underwater shouldn't shoot spearguns off in their room.

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