Two For One!: Princess Zelda And Princess Midna Cosplay

May 25, 2012


This is a gallery of cosplayers Spicy-Seasoning (OMG -- I love red pepper flakes!) and RikkuGrape (I love Final Fantasy AND grape soda!) cosplaying as Princess Midna and Princess Zelda from Twilight Princess. In case you can't tell because you're wearing dual eyepatches, they did a great job. You see a lot of girls cosplaying as Zelda, but not nearly enough as Princess Midna in her true form. I've seen some of Minda in her imp form before, but those always look weird because, you know, the whole imp thing. That would be like me cosplaying as Link in his wolf form. "So like, really sexy?" Quick -- somebody tranq-dart this furry!

Hit the jump for several more of each individually. Photography by Angiechuu (first 3 and 7th shot) and Kindra Nicole (all the others).









Thanks to Mark, who knows what I like and it is...playing dressup in my mom's clothes when she's out shopping.

  • Tu veux mon zizi ? *-*

  • Rachel

    is there ANYONE who can replicate this midna costume? I would pay handsomely, I have absolutely no sewing skills. Please let me know!!!!

  • omgomgomg i wanttttttttttt pleaseeeeeeeeeee

  • budfueledrocket

    GW its been THREE FUCKING DAYS get off your lazy saggy ass and post something new.. please.

  • MeggyMonster

    How dare GW take a three day weekend! Its likes he took some sort of holiday off. D:

  • Writer got lazy. he isnt even posting on mondays anymore.

  • Fnnurggg

    Just stick to reddit, the stuff geekologie puts up is 3+ days old 'news' from there anyways

  • $18922249

    Yes, but generally Geekologie is free of douchers like you. So I will stick with the Geekologie and you can move along to your Reddit.

  • Fnnurggg

    Yeah I can tell it's free from 'douchers' looking at the comments in this and other articles. Grow up.

  • $18922249

    You were the one who came in here acting like a dick. Arguably, you should 'grow up'.

  • Fnnurggg

    I stated facts, how does that qualify as acting like a dick? If people are frustrated about the slowness of Geekologie or want more content, what's wrong with directing them to a website with identical content? But I have better things to do than argue with kids. Have a great day waiting for more content on this slow ass site :)

  • $18922249

    Reddit looks like internet vomit. I go to Geekologie for several reasons; a) the writing is consistently solid, b) the articles presented have been filtered from that sea of "internet vomit", so that I do not have to spend 15 hours a day staying on top of internet fads (you know... so I can do things... like work... ), c) the layout here is clean and appropriate, d) the fan base is generally devoid of douchers like you.

    "But I have better things to do than argue with kids." Right.

  • cocoa

    it's a holiday dum dum

  • Chris Ironside

    Ah, that makes sense. Our holiday isn't until next week.

  • Those look gorgeous.

  • MeggyMonster

    Curse those girls and their perfect photoshopped bodies! -Shakes fist in the air- Also, their cosplays are effing gorgeous! -Shakes fist in the air-

  • Sebastiann Elegant√© Neely

    That is a beautiful rendition of Midna's cloak. The design on the back looks perfect!


    The pixels are too smooth... blah blah blah...

  • My girlfriend has been a long time reader of yours, and introduced me to this site. She's just completed the mirror of twilight and will be venturing into the twilight realm this weekend. Just got off the phone with her. She's pretty upset this was spoiled for her. I know this is a 6 year old game, but I only got around to beating it in the fall.

    Anyway, the detail on the back of that cloak is awesome. I've seen little Midna cosplay before, and this is far cooler.

  • Nate Barrett

    ...Someone's really upset about ZELDA spoilers? Woe is the gaming community.

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