Too High: Crazy Ruskies Climb To Tippy-Top Of Bridge

May 21, 2012


YOU HEARD ME: the tippy-top.

This is a video of a couple Russian kids climbing to the top of some tall-as-hell bridge in the vodka capital of the world. I'm pretty sure they have parachutes (or at least backpacks) though, so they're not as crazy as they COULD be. There a lot of things I'd be willing to do with a parachute that I wouldn't be willing to do otherwise. Namely, make love to a pterodactyl. Trust me, nobody wants to be happy for the first time in their life only to realize they're falling into a lava pit. Back me up, Gollum. "My precious!" SHUT UP AND ANSWER ME YOU LITTLE TROLL.

Hit the jump for the not for the scared of heights.

Thanks to Emm Jay, who isn't afraid of heights, only falling from them.

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