The Wampa Stomper: Imperial AT-AT Computer Case Mod

May 8, 2012


This is a computer stuffed into an Imperial AT-AT toy by case modder/creator ASPHIAX (links to build page with a ton more shots of the entire process). It, uh, looks pretty impressive. I'm not sure what kind of plugs they used to connect all the liquid cooling components inside, but from the closeups they look like the same ones they used to connect Neo to the Matrix. That's some future tech right there. My computer? My computer's no frills. "You're using a public terminal at the library, aren't you?" I think the guy next to me is masturbating.

Hit the jump for some worthwhile closeups of the Ewok and Wampa stomping goodness.





Thanks to Terry, who also sent me a bunch of pictures of his personal computer case, which he mounted to the wall and glows blue. I responded with a pic of a dude's wiener that I found online.

  • Sander van der Velden

    Thanks for the kind words!
    Got more questions -> ASPHIAX(AT)

  • samuel

    how can i purchuse a star wars computer case like tha one?

  • That looks great all lit up like that. I'd still rather have a TARDIS one though.

  • Sander van der Velden

    Thanks guys !
    Its actually much stronger then you think!
    Cause all the cabling (also hdmi, network and USB) and tubing run through the legs into the base, it works like if the whole AT-AT is tied down with rope from the inside!
    Here is a video on how I did that!

  • Redeemer

    Very nice internal work, you can tell it's all liquid cooled and it looks like the radiator(s) are stored in the base of the mod.  Seems awfully unruly and possibly even fragile.  I like my computer to be a fucking tank.

  • kevin dijkshoorn

    and a great computer i want one

  • kevin dijkshoorn


  • JJtoob

    Enjoy your place at the bottom lol.

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