The INCREDIBLY Uncanny X-Men: Hands Down The World's Crappiest Wolverine And Nightcrawler Tattoo

May 2, 2012


Please tell me you didn't pay for that. As a matter of fact, please tell me you didn't even know you were getting that until you woke up the next morning with a sore arm. I mean, WOW. I've seen better looking X-Men tattoos that were actually birthmarks.

Thanks to Marco, who claims he once went in for a Wolverine tattoo and came out with a Tazmanian Devil. AHAHAHAHAHAHA -- maybe if you didn't get it on a buttcheek you could have seen what the artist was doing!

  • That picture was taken on my birthday :)

  • BeastmanAIDS

    They look like they were drawn by Chris (Simpsons Artist) xox

  • And then I would have slapped the tattoo artist...with a shovel.

  • DasFXI

    Let's just assume it's not a real tattoo and someone just drew this with pens. Cause if it's real it makes Avatar dude's tattoos look like they were done by Michaelangelo.

  • Jadis


  • dd Whee

    who knows maybe his kid drew it. if that were the case, i think its pretty cool and sweet of him.

  • Jadis

    If his kid drew it then he should put it on the fridge, not his arm. 

  • Shaun9lives

    Well good golly!  I'm so glad you're around to tell others what to do with their kids and their bodies.  Thanks.

  • Jadis

    it's is my opinion.
    You're welcome.

  •  Can't he do both?

  • Jadis

    sure, but he's going to have the tat. forever unless he gets it laser removed. The pic on the fridge stays for however long and then goes in a memory book/scrap book ect. or the gerbil cage.

  • I was thinking more of a SAW-inspired decision, seeing how he's pretty much ruined his arm by now ;)

  • Jadis


  • Shaun9lives

    That's what I was thinking.  The artwork is too bad not to be intentional.  Plus, it's on his arm, so he could see it getting done, and he let the artist finish.  

    I'm guessing it's his young kid's doodle.  Whatever the case, he's always going to have a conversation piece.  

  • Was this an attempt to set a speeding record or something? :-S

  • T0m_D

    All tattoos look like this to me.

  • Aalok

    So... you're blind?

  • I can draw better than that and i have no ARMS!...Wait... how the fuck am i writting this?!!1

  • You wouldn't think eight year olds would be allowed to tattoo people.

  • My seven year old COULD tattoo better.

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