Tetris Theme Played w/ Laser Harp On Britain's Got Talent

May 9, 2012


Software developer and Geekologie reader Greig Stewart performed a laser-harp rendition of the Tetris theme for an audition on Britain's Got Talent that he composed himself on a Game Boy and NES. This is that performance. It was enough to get him through to the semi-finals, but will it be enough to go any further? Tune in this Thursday at 7:30PM BST to find out! Want to have a viewing party at my place? Well too bad, I don't get whatever channel it comes on. You're welcome to come over and watch me wander aimlessly through Skyrim though. I'm trying to level up my 'empty wine bottle collecting' skill. "That...isn't a real skill." DUDE -- I keep track of my progress in my mind, it adds a whole new layer of depth to the game. "Wow." Just saying, I'm already a level 70 butterfly wing eater!

Hit the jump for the performance.

Thanks to Greig and Will, who agree laser instruments are the best instruments. Hell yes they are! *laser air-drumming, blinds first three rows of audience*

  • So basically... this is a visual Theremin. 

  • I hate Simon Cowell. I hate Britain's Got Talent. I hate stupid 'reality' shows. I love the laser harp though.

  • Ya know, I haven't voted this series, but I'm getting sick of singers going through to the next round (they might as well rename it X Factor)  that I might actually vote tonight for Greig, especially knowing he's a GW reader!

  • InkyBloc

    LMAO it's been blocked from playing on this website... i wonder if they requested geekologie specifically :D

  • Dylan Clausnitzer-Newport

    this is my favrite web shite

  • n_a_a_s


  • Cr1mson3lbow

    First!! :) and um.... wher do i buy a lazer harp?? i need to install one in each of my doorways.....

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