TEMPTING: DIY Magnetic Levitating Bed Built For $1,000

May 24, 2012


This is a levitating bed built by Redditor mememetatata using plywood and hockey puck sized rare earth magnets. It can levitate a person up to 250 pounds (so probably no hover-boning) and looks really comfortable. I'm kidding -- two inches of foam on a wood base? Knock knock. Who's there? SEVERE BACK PAIN. That said, I kinda want to build one for myself. "You're gonna try to trap Magneto and steal his powers, aren't you?" Maybe.

Hit the jump for several more shots, including one of the magnets.





Thanks to thompson and Lee, who both stand on their hoverbeds pretending their hoverboards and saying things like, "McFly, you bojo -- those boards don't work on water!" F*** guys, that sounds like a great time. Sleepover soon?

  • Thanks for sharing this brilliant tutorial, such kind of beds are very nice specially when you don't want them to take up a lot of area of your room, i am sure a lot of people will find the above mentioned information useful.

  • Guest

    It looks like a bed, it feels like a bed, but can I jump up-and-down on it like a bed? XD

  • Totoro

    Ahhh bring on the brain tumors.


    doesn't look comfortable at all

  • "And a special thanks to derrick who put some of the magnets in backwards and now effectively paid 1000 to sleep on the floor." - GW in a week.

  • Those wires look very easy to trip over - and very painful when you do.

  • Fucking magnets, how do they work?

  • Broden

    First of all, I would have an irrational fear at all times of the magnets one day getting out of their peaceful resonance, and collapsing one side while the other pulls in reverse. As the polarities switch the bed will attempt to flip over and levering itself like a catapult - I'll be flung at the speed of sound into my wall and die instantly. Not coo, kye.

    Second of all to combat the weight of the mattress use an air mattress. Kye.

  • Jose Pedro Alonso Ramirez

    I think that in that case, it will flip with us facing down. And for that to happen only need to lose one of those tiny cords. A meat sandwich at the end.

  • Don't think so. Even if you lose one cord the corner of the board will prevent it from tipping any more than an inch or so. You would need to lose three cords at once to have any chance at flipping.

  • Show us a pic with someone on top of it.

  • Asperflux

    Long last the Robots!

  • Phillip Gockel

    I'd be more impressed if it wasn't just a floating board. If he somehow used the magnets as a replacement for coils, now that'd be cool.

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