Suck It, The Avengers!: A Justice League Movie Poster

May 16, 2012


Note: Full-size version HERE.

This is a mock-up Justice League of America movie poster created by DeviantARTist daniel-morpheus in the style of the 1997 JLA Gallery cover by Frank Quitely, featuring some of the actors who have played the various characters in previous films and shows. It's good, but I'm not sure how I feel about Justin Hartley as Aquaman. He's just not -- what's the word I'm looking for? "Smexy enough." YES. He's just not smexy enough. Also, Green Lantern sucked and they should kill that guy off in the opening credits.

Thanks to Wilmersama, who agrees Aquaman should definitely look less like a Backstreet Boy and more like a New Kid on the Block. Oh shi-shi, what you know about hangin' tough?

  • Agosto Nuñez

    ¿where is Green Arrow?

  • Agosto Nuñez

    I would actually prefer this over the Avengers.

  • Marcus McClane

    Good luck DC, The only good DC movie they have made is The Dark Knight films and that had nothing to do with the story. Green Lantern film sucked, Superman films sucked. So DC only choices are to start all over again or just make the JL film.

  • Just my opinion:
    Tom Welling - Superman
    Christian Bale - Batman
    Ryan Reynolds - The Flash
    Will Smith - Green Lantern(John Stewart)
    Samuel L. Jackson as Martian Manhunter
    and I havent thought of a good actress yet that would fit Wonder Woman, but Bridget Regan seems to look the part.

    Michael Rosenbaum - Lex Luthor
    Johnny Depp - The Joker
    CGI - Doomsday
    Michael Clarke Duncan - Darkseid.
    Obviously only Doomsday or Darkseid.

  • Johnny Depp as the joker... man... that would be honestly interesting to see lol.

  • djcorbijn

    Scary thing is that he could pull it off.

  • ru Te

    Superman=Tom Welling


  • RareAwesomeman

    to bad those super heroes suck (except for batman, aqua man is kind of cool too)

  • 2 Things:

    1 - Christian Bale will never do a JL movie due to his massive ego.

    2 - Superman looks horrible.

  • So sorry to the fan art, but Henry Cavill is not Superman!!!!  Would so much rather see Tom Welling!

  • NPH should be Flash, jussayin'.  I'd love to hear him drop a "Wait for it.." while he dashes off to do something awesome.
    And Christopher Judge (aka SG-1's Teal'C) needs to be Martian Manhunter. And he needs to say "Indeed" a lot.

  • Susana Lopez

    Bridget Regan! She would make an awesome Wonderwoman! 

  • JonathanCoit

    Isn't Jon Jones (Martian Manhunter) black?  Not to get all Hunger Games racism up in this business, but I think you could find someone to play him.

    Bradley Cooper is a horrible person to cast as the Flash.  You need someone more fun.

  • Peter

    No that's only on Smallville where he is black.

  • JCB5150

    Ryan Reynolds showed interest in The Flash role years ago. Ironic.

  • Tom Welling as Superman all the way!!!!!!!!

  • You're not going to have a good justice league movie if ryan reynolds is involved in any way.

  • $15762351

    Fan art movie posters are wonderfully embarrassing. I mean it. They're so embarrassing, they're wonderful.

  • AdamCoates

    This would never work. As much as everyone would want it to, the Nolan Batman would not fit into any sort of team movie.

    Also, Bradley Copper as the Flash? No. No one is attached to Ryan Renolds as Hal, so just make him the Flash instead (which they should have saved him for in the first place) and cast Nathan Fillion as Green Lantern. Then you'd definitely have my attention.

  • Ray Cortez

    nigga u a straight up geek . lool . just sayin .

  • Luciano Paciornick

    Oooh, Nathan Fillion as Hal Jordan would be friggin' AWESOME!

    But Ryan Reynolds as Flash? I don't know... I can only see Ryan Reynolds playing sarcastic, wise-cracking supers, like Deadpool (not the X-Men Origins: Wolverine piece of crap, the actual Deadpool). Flash is a bit too "serious" for him to play, methinks.

  • If you go by The Justice League cartoons(which is what I do), Ive thought Ryan Reynolds would be perfect for The Flash.

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