*Spit-take* This Is Motor Oil!: An R2-D2 Coffee Maker

May 10, 2012


*beep brew bop*

This is a modded Bunn coffee maker made by Instructable user inthebathroom (OMG, so am I -- it stinks in here!) to look like R2-D2. But, instead of rolling around the kitchen like a mobile trashcan, he beep-boops and brews coffee. Speaking of -- I was just talking to a buddy of mine this morning about upping my coffee intake. I've been on a two-cup-a-day regimen for awhile now, but I'm thinking about upping the ante to like three our four. What do you think? "I think this reminds me of the time my grandpa was telling me about his daily bowel schedule." Wait -- he shared that with you? TELL ME MORE.

Hit the jump for two brief video of the coffee maker in action.

Thanks to Jan, who took the time to tell me his name is pronounced Yahn and NOT like can with a J instead of a C despite the fact I was never actually gonna speak it out loud.

  • This coffee maker is cool to look at, but I would not drink coffee from it :) The best coffee I ever drank is made with this machine- kavos
    aparatai namams
    :) Believe me, it is worth to consider :)

  • I am still more partial to that brewing station in the underground lab from Breaking Bad. Go Gale Boetticher!

  • Moreover its looking like a robot rather than a coffee machine.Nice video but too short.The process of the coffee making is not clear...!!

  • John Kenny

    My former neighbors, small world...

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