Space Love: Man Forges Wedding Ring From Meteorite

May 10, 2012


Redditor laporkenstein went and forged his own wedding band out of a Gibeon meteorite and NOT moon cheese like I would have done because I'm a hopless romantic. "Hopless?" Man I haven't been able to jump in YEARS. So yeah, a wedding ring forged from of a meteorite: cool. But you know what would be even cooler? A wedding ring forged from metal mined from another planet by an ancient alien race. And even cooler than that? A wedding ring forged from the fires of Mount Doom. Too bad that one would never wind out getting worn. Burn, Sauron -- you will never find love!

Hit the jump for an abridged pictorial of the ring-forging process.











Thanks to Shenanigans, who made a ring out of a star. That's right -- A F***ING STAR.

  • Those are gorgeous!

  • Rico


  • Azariel_z


  • My Boyfriend gave me a gummy ring. I'm going to show him this and then slap him up the side of the head.

  • Guest

    This is very impressive, I really like those neat natural designs in the ring.

    This is a ring literally from's too easy to come up with a Green Lantern joke.

  • Ben M

    impressive that he made it himself but you have been able to buy these online for a while

  • Jfdelman

    It's cool that there's pics but these are very common. Check etsy or just do a google search and many jewelry stores have these.

  • Derek St. Gelais

    Cool beans I want one.

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