Slinky On A Treadmill Set To Epic Battle Music

May 23, 2012


This is a 3:21 video of a Slinky on a treadmill set to epic battle music that sounds straight out of Braveheart or 300. Fun fact: I haven't seen either one of those. "You're such a loser." No, I am A CHILD and those are both rated R. I thought this video was a great metaphor for life because, no matter how hard you try to get ahead, you always end up going nowhere and looking ridiculous in the process. Aaaaaaaand there's probably some @$$hole filming it all. Truthin'!

Hit the jump and watch all 3:20 to earn a prize. UPDATE: Out of prizes.

Thanks to Beau, who was never allowed to have a Slinky growing up because his parents were afraid he'd put them on his arms and pretend to be a robot. SAME!

  • Hazakabammer

    Look at it go!

  • He didn't make it....

  • gfelts

    You'll never stop the charge of the slinky!!!!

  • Shaun9lives

    What, no Guile theme? It goes with everything.

  • My heart stopped around 2:40 as I thought I was going to witness the greatest warrior known to man fall from his throne of godliness; alas, he survives until another day.

  • Inappropirate

    No one wins?!

  • RareAwesomeman

    i watched all 3:20 of it even though i knew GW was out of prizes

  • Guest

    The never-ending slinky was finally invented. What else can we make that's never-ending folks?

  • Sarcasm.

  • I love the scientific way he propped the treadmill up on a chair...

  • Broden

    I like how everyone on youtube is trying so desperately to come up with epic manlytear comments in the hopes of getting thumbs up. Yes we get it, it's a slinky and mustering up romantic poetic shit about it is ironic and should be funny - but it's not when it basically amounts to competitive bullshitting. Just sayin.

  • Guest

    Which makes the jewels that are original comments even much rarer and sweeter to the eyes than this common fools gold you speak of.

  • no ending?!?!

  • PurpleJim8

    Go for the gold!

  • Pascale Laviolette


  • TheDeadshadows

    A manly tear was shed...

  • fascinating...

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