Scarred: Brutal Batman Tattoo Based On Painting

May 11, 2012


This is a recently-inked tattoo by artist/Geekologie Reader Adam M. based on a painting of the same design by Alex Ross (links to picture on Alex's website). Damn, I didn't know Batman's back looked that bad. Don't get me wrong, I still have a crush on him, it's just, I dunno, I'm not sure I could shower with him now.

Thanks Adam, remind me to give you a holler when I get my next dino tat (I'm up to #8!).

  • X the Prince

    That's actually me and the tattoo is real :)

  • If you are into batman, you might like this jigsaw puzzle.
    Record is 3:45 mins so far

  • Guest

    That is why Bruce Wayne doesn't swim with his pals at the pool. Unless he can look good in those classic striped swim suits.

  • He should have least asked the tattoo artist to color Wayne's pants so it didn't look like he had a naked mangled dude on his... where the hell is this tattoo?

    The shading is terrible...inside the cowl, on the bat belt... and Wayne's back makes him look like the Thing.

    I understand this guy was trying to be a cool Batman fan with some edgy artwork, but this only works if the tattoo artist is flawless. 

  • Emmitt Morgans

    FAKE!!!! This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell it's a fake because the shadows are all wrong. This is exactly like that scene in "Never Back Down" where Max saw a whole bunch of people making lame comments on the Geekologie article about a weird tattoo and he punched them in their dumb faces...

    ...that's all for you, broodwich... or whatever your name is... (if it makes you feel better that means Max punched me in my dumb face, too)

  • First

  • Emmitt Morgans

    Thanks for that... because we were all really wondering.

    Do you have any other fascinating facts or anecdotes with which to regale us?

  • Jesse

    the only thing more annoying than a First-er is when some sad individual has to call extra attention to them. Thanks for that Emmit.

  • Emmitt Morgans

    And the only thing more annoying than someone who comments on a First-er is someone who calls extra attention to the person calling extra attention to the First-er... and then the person who comments on that is awesome...

    ...see where your comment gets you?  WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE!!!

  • broodax

    .....*face palm* how bout saying "hey that tattoo looks exactly like the painting wow good work!" or like im sure some of you have screamed "FAAAAAKKKEEEE" or somthing that alteast contributes to the conversation instead of pointing out that laticia is first emmit is a smart ass and jesse attempted to be openly point out that emmit is a jackass for the community and then emmit just turned into a total asshat....for those of you not able to follow this train of logic...please seek psychiatric help

  • Emmitt Morgans

    "smart ass"?  "jackass"?  "total asshat"?

    I bet you really liked the article about the robutt...

  • I now officially commit you all to Arkham Asylum.... you're all insane and deserve to be locked away.

  • Post_Nazi

     I'm sure it's actually on the person's skin, but it does kind of seem like a fake tattoo.

  • and you call yourself a Nazi.... so you're just a tool.

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