Sad (Plus Weird): Wolverine Impersonator Dies After Solo Sex Game Goes Wrong (Read: Wrapped In Cling Wrap)

May 31, 2012


Solo sex games: they're by far the least fun of all the sex games. Second only to all-dude sex games (unless you're gay, in which case that sounds like a great time or fraternity initiation). But sadly, a Wolverine impersonator in England learned the hard way that you should always sex game with a partner (AND safe word -- mine's "Unplug the battery!") after dying wrapped in THREE ROLLS of cling wrap and a nylon sheet. X-Men: they're kinky (I heard Storm will only have sex with you if you're willing to be tied to a lightning rod).

Police officers initially thought the karate teacher and impersonator of the Marvel Comics character Wolverine may have been murdered.

When other officers arrived and cut the sheet off the body, they found cling film wrapped tightly around various parts of his body including his neck and ankles.

A post-mortem examination revealed he had died from autoerotic asphyxia, a coroner, sitting in Croydon, heard.

Man, that sucks. I know I make light of a lot of situations, but apparently this guy was a pretty stand-up guy. Still, an experienced Wolverine impersonator should have been able to cut through all that cling wrap with his claws. SNIKT, SNIKT, bro.

Thanks to Dustin, who agrees you can cosplay, or play sex games, but combining the two is when things get dangerous.

  • Maybe it was like in The Prestige, and the body found was the latest copy.

  • Now THAT's a mutant fetish, if I ever heard one ...

  • Azariel_z

    how in hell he manage to kill himself and make it look like murder at first glance.. this guy is ( or was ) a professional !!!

  • Broden

    *shrug* I have a hard time laughing at the death of others no matter what the situation. Just sayin.

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    how does he spank his tater-tot while he is wearing those claws?

  • $18922249

    Looks just like him...

  • first

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