R2-D2 Eyestro-Mech Droid Eyeball Makeup

May 7, 2012


Eyestro-mech, get it? I'm gonna punch myself till I bruise later. From Jangsara, the same makeup artist who brought us the Avengers eyeballs, comes this version of R2-D2 (R2-I2?). Hey -- I'm down for anything that promotes me gluing things to my face. No lie, one time I dipped my face in Elmer's then sprayed myself with gold glitter. I kind of looked like King Tut's sarcophagus. "You looked nothing like King tut's sarcophagus." Fine, I looked like a really shitty C-3PO :(

One more shot of the eyeball looking in a different direction after the jump.


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