Poodle Skirts!: Batman Characters Reimagined In 1950's

May 25, 2012


Note: I feel like I'm near death today guys (just in time for a holiday weekend!), so bear with me. At one point this morning I even saw the light at the end of the tunnel. It...looked like flames.

This is a series of sketches from Italian artist Denis Medri of Batman characters reimagined as rockabilly ones from the 1950's. Let's all go to the sock hop and cut a rug or whatever! Then we can swing by the soda fountain for a root beer float. No? You just want to make out in the back of my dad's Chevy at Makeout Point? WELL NO THANKS. My parents raised me right so I'm saving myself for marriage somebody more attractive.

Hit the jump for a bunch more characters, most of which capture the 50's better than this one but how am I not gonna put Batman on the cover of a Batman related post? He'd batarang me in the nuts!










Thanks to bb, who made me promise her a poodle skirt for the tip. FINE -- but I get a letter jacket.

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