Pew Pew Pew!: Triple-Barreled Pistol Makes 3x The Holes

May 9, 2012


This is a triple-barreled pistol that fills your target with three times the holes as a regular pistol. Or, if you're as terrible a shot as I imagine you are, wastes three times the ammo. Tell me before you buy one so I can buy stock in bullet manufacturers.

Details on the mad gunsmith who crafted this bizarre piece are unknown, except that it was made in Spain and appears to be a one-off creation. The fact that it only has a single trigger makes us assume the gun fires all three 6.35mm rounds at the same time, making it easy to get off 18 shots in no time.

First of all, 6.35mm rounds aren't big enough. That's just not nearly enough stopping power if only one bullet makes contact. No, I would go with at LEAST 7.15mm's. "Those aren't even real -- you don't know anything about guns." Ha, I know the only thing I need to: I'm honest enough with myself to know I can't be trusted owning one.

Hit the jump for one more shot.


Thanks to Marion, who has a quad-barreled pistol but with bullet prices the way they are these days only has enough money to fill one or two of them. F***ing bullets and gas, man.

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