Pass The Syrup: Dad's Insane Pancake Art For Children

May 9, 2012


Nathan Shields is a man. A man with children (making him a...father? uncle? I suck at relationships *zing*). A man with children who he makes insane pancake art for. Why? Because if he doesn't they might turn to waffles. And waffles, as we all well know, are the gateway to Toaster Strudels. Man, you ever put all six icing packets on a single strudel? That shit is goooooood. Fine, I have no clue why he makes them other than because he can, which is the same reason I do 95% of everything I do. Wanna watch me drink coffee creamer through my nose?

A former math teacher, many of Shields' designs seem to have some geeky inspiration behind them -- get a load of the "Star Wars" designs or the fractals, a mathematical concept that when repeated results in a complex pattern. Shields is able to achieve such a fine level of detail by using a baster, which affords him much better control over the runny pancake batter.

"Eventually I'd like to try doing some portraits, but my skills aren't there yet," Shields told HuffPost. "Readers are welcome to suggest future themes on my website."

Listen: these sea creatures are only a smattering of Nathan's repertoire. You would be doing yourself a SERIOUS DISSERVICE to not check out all the other ones after the jump. He's got everything: Star Wars characters, dinosaurs, mathematical signs, fractals, body parts, lizards, insects, marine animals, dog breeds -- you name it. "Celebrities?" No celebrities. "Brand logos?" You know I'm starting to think you might be superficial.

Hit the jump for a ton more.













Thanks to Lisa, who agrees the best breakfasts are the ones that come with hash browns and cinnamon rolls. Oh hell yeah -- and grits! No? Just me?

  • wow alternating between heating first layer, then take off heat, let cool and pour and heat up again, and so forth it takes alot of works and different sizes to make up for this artworks, and different color. beautiful!

  • This guy was a math teacher at my school FVHS. I knew him personally. He is awesome and also makes hilarious videos. Here's his video on how to make them: and here is his website:

  • Emmitt Morgans

    To the Chewbacca pancake:  SAME TO YOU, BUDDY!!!

  • Guest

    I would love a stack of those brain pancakes. I love brain food. :D

  • KingCam

    "dinosaur, dinosaur, dinosaur, dinosaur, CHICKEN!" *runs*

  • rpg

    None of this compares to my amazing sand dollar pancakes!

  • relawson

    btw, Eiffel tower... PANCAKE PENOR!!!

  • relawson

    Having tried to make designs with pancake batter, many, many times for my children over many years, I have to call BS on most of these.  "VIDEO or it didn't happen" seriously.

    I had way more success building structural things with pretzel sticks and chicken nuggets. Bridges, faces, nugget-log-cabin ish things.  It was fun!

    Still, these griddle cakes... I reserve belief without proof of process.

  • $18889437

     Ah that age-old wisdom... "If I can't do it, it's impossible" lol

  • relawson

    Right, because I said it was impossible...

    oh, wait...

  • Proteon

    I liked this post a great deal because of it's lack of LEGOS.

  • That is some incredible work!

  • Sierpinski sieve my ass, that's a triforce!

  • BeefSupreme

    i can make these too, but how in the flying fig newton do you flip them without screwing everything up?

  • Nice.  The kids were probably starving the day the flute was served up.

  • My only problemwith this is that he is literally feeding his children a uterus. 

  • Spartikiss

    At least it wasn't a penor...

  • A uterus pancake.

  •  With lots of syrup, please!

  • This is the Internet... sadly, no matter how awesome these are, he will be remembered as the guy who fucked up the ant pancake.

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