Pass: Robotic Avatar Of A Friend Sits On Your Shoulder

May 30, 2012


This is a miniature humanoid robot that sits on your shoulder and says all the same stuff and makes all the same gestures that a remote friend of yours controlling the thing does (Note: the picture on the right is just the proposed future of the concept, where there's no robot at all -- only a hologram). Because who doesn't want to go through life with a robotic avatar of a friend sitting on their shoulder reminding you of all the bad decisions you're making? Come on, isn't that what the little angel is for? *eying shoulder* Hey, Little Angel -- isn't that what you're for? Wait, where'd he go? "I convinced you to kick him off a bridge last week." Dammit, Little Devil! You complete me.

Hit the jump for a short video demo.

Thanks to Eric and DogTheBootyHunter (they do hunt each other's booties, don't they?!), who don't want anything sitting in their shoulders except some sexy-ass ladies in the pool for a chicken-fight.

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