Paralyzed Woman Controls Robotic Arm With Her Mind

May 18, 2012


Seen here making the researcher in the background jealous he didn't get a beverage, a paralyzed woman uses a mind-controlled robotic arm to drink her morning coffee. If I were her? I would have made the arm punch itself in the elbow until it broke. I DON'T NEED YOUR HELP, TERMINATOR.

Because the pathways between the brain and the limbs are cut off in paralysis cases, the Brown team decided to skip those pathways altogether and send signals directly from a brain-implanted sensor to the robot limb.

The technology still has a ways to go -- researchers want to miniaturize it and create a wireless version -- but it could be a major breakthrough in allowing people with paralysis to accomplish more tasks on their own.

Yeah, a wireless version would definitely be better. I'm not a big fan of having things attached to my head -- I get nervous enough wearing a hat. Also, I think all mind-controlled robotic arm users should undergo psychiatric analysis before being allowed to operate one because all it takes is that one guy thinking, "KILL KILL KILL, CHOKE CHOKE CHOKE" to ruin everybody else's fun.

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to Amy, Global and Mark, who control robotic arms the old fashioned way: with magic spells.

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