One Giant Thermal Exhaust Port: Fake Death Star Firepit

May 29, 2012


This is a picture circulating the interwebs of an alleged Death Star firepit which is obviously fake because if you take THIS PICTURE RIGHT HERE, flip it horizontally, and superimpose it over the grill you can see that's exactly what the person who made the picture did. Listen: I'll be the first person to admit I believe 115% of everything I see and read on the internet and even I knew this was fake. "What about this photo of you bent over in front of a pack of dinos?" Okay now that I had commissioned by a Photoshop expert.

Thanks to Thaylor and joe, who have smelled the smell of burning Ewok before and it is NOT the kind of thing you want to make love to. Stick to aromatic candles.

  • Monroville

    Isn't this the point where someone says "WHY HASN'T SOMEONE MADE THIS ALREADY AND TAKEN MY MONEY!?"

  • evjuice

    Real deathstar firepit

  • Ed Schatz Get your orders in!

  • Ed Schatz

    I'm Ed the I am going to make this. See my site and call me if you want one! I can make anything, but money! Lol

  • Joe Crocker

    Wow Geekologie writer! You are like the Batman of photoshopping!! and by Batman, I mean GAY!!!

  • Death Star being 'shopped on or not, it IS a black steel sphere firepit! I'd still take one!

  • The beer bottle looks so shopped

  • Not Obi Wan

    That's no firepit...

  • First! this is pretty cool id have one

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