Oldschool Nintendo Game Levels LEGO Sets

May 22, 2012


This is series of Nintendo game levels as LEGO sets rendered by zombieattack (RUUUUUN!) and put up on the LEGO CUUSO website for voting. Admittedly, I do like the idea. There are Donkey Kong and Duck Hunt sets after the jump, but a Zelda one was surprisingly lacking. Come on man, how do you expect to get any votes with no Zelda set? You're shooting yourself in the foot! Like running for #1 Boob Lover on an anti-nipple platform. THOSE ARE THE BEST PARTS. "I want to run for #1 Boob Lover." Please, you don't stand a chance (I just changed my name to Areola Fever).

Hit the jump for the other two.



Thanks to Julian, who agrees they should add LEGO blocks to the food pyramid so people don't think it's so weird to eat them.

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