Old Man Opening A Beer Bottle With A Chainsaw

May 18, 2012


This is a video of an old man opening a beer bottle with a chainsaw. I swear I've seen a video of this trick before, but whatever, this guy revs his chainsaw way more earning him +5 showmanship. You know what else chainsaws are great at opening? Legs. Haha, there's a bone in there!

Hit the jump for the Mother Nature unfriendliest way to open a beer you'll see all day.

Thanks to brandon and Terry, who open beers the REAL outdoorsy way: yelling at a bear to do it for them.

  • Vseed

    I wonder how he chops down a tree.

  • Ickolith

    If the bottle was already open this would be one of those "Here, hold my beer" moments.

  • luxlucetintenebris

    That was spectacularly un-epic lol I thought he was going to slice it open!

  • this is the right time to tell grandpaw noooooo! " as you wave your finger" just give him some hard candy he'll forget about it. lol

  • James Cougler

    I see a lot of rednecks in the near future loosing fingers because of this :)

  • Matt Farrell

    anyone notice the girl at the start hmm sexy

  • Someone has just a liiitle bit too much time on their hands.

  • First it was sucking at wrestling with a croc, and now it's chain-saw openers. Senior folks are acting crazy on the Youtubes this week.

  • Try opening the bottle with a chainsaw after you drink 12 in advance. I love to mix dangerous gas power tools with my¬†alcohol just like anyone else. Can't wait to attempt the trick this weekend!

  • Guest

    That is very impressive -- much more than using your forearm to open a bottle.

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