Oh Hell No: Deathwish Workouts On Top Of Cranes

May 31, 2012


These are two videos from Russia and the Ukraine (respectively). The first shows a couple of crazy f***ing Ruskies doing pullups (including the no-hand version in the screencap) and other terrifying exercises while hanging from the side of a crane. The second is a guy in the Ukraine balance-walking the length of a crane 70-stories up along a rounded pipe, then doing some monkey-bar action and other nothing-to-live-for acts of bravery. Is bravery the right word? No lie, my hands are actually sweaty just from watching. Sweaty AND hairy. It's true, getting nervous also makes your palms grow hair. "Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's from masturbat--" IT'S FROM BEING NERVOUS.

Hit the jump for the vodka is more than enough reason for me to live, thank you very much.

Thanks to ragnar, who can do all those exercises but only performs them on the monkey bars at the playground because he's not ready to die. Biggie? Biggie was ready to die (he said it in a song!)

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