Of Course: An Actual Shark With Laser Attached To Fin

May 2, 2012


To celebrate getting a certain amount of Facebook fans in a certain amount of time, Wicked Lasers promised laser fanatics they'd attach a laser to a shark. And this is it. A lemon shark with a 50mW green laser attached to its dorsal fin. When reached for comment, King Neptune had this to say: "F*** this, I want legs."

Hit the jump for one more shot where you can see the clip mount.


Thanks to Wyatt, Ishouldbeworking, greg and Slowmow, who all of which felt obligated to include Austin Powers quotes in their tips and made me sad.

  • TBozzly

    Is it me or is that shark fucking smiling at us?

  • Jadis

    why did they do this???

  • Robin Manford

    Wicked Lasers: Selling dangerous products and ripping people off has never been made to look so cool.

  • Tyler Davis

    I suppose if it escapes and sets off into the wild, it'll be the top reef predator, by blinding it's prey and then attacking. 

  • McfeelySmackup

    Way to blow it Wickedlasers.  It's supposed to be sharks with lasers ON THEIR HEADS.

  • I hope this shark takes one of their arms off and then gives them retina damage with the laser the strapped to his back.

  • Nicholas Patrick Luzzi

    Hmm...  probably better off with some ill-tempered sea bass.

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