Obiwan Kenobi Arrested For Hit And Run Incident

May 1, 2012


Obiwan Kenobi, 37, was recently arrested after crashing his landspeeder into another vehicle and causing a five car pileup, then fleeing the scene. Plus he was already wanted for petty theft. The dark side: it's a slippery slope. No word if any Sith showed him their lightsabers while in the clink, but if it was anything like the last time I was there, TONS OF EVIL PEEN.

Formerly known as Benjamin Cale Feit, Kenobi changed his name in 1999 in response to a radio stunt tied to the release of "Stars Wars: Episode I." A California station offered $1000 to the first listener to legally change their name to that of the fictional Jedi master.

First of all, that's not even a driver's license -- that's an identification card. Does Obiwan even HAVE a license? Secondly, after making the quick grand, why not change your name back like a real person? I mean, if going by Obiwan Kenobi was actually cool, don't you think more people would do it? Generally radio stations don't award people for doing things they should be proud of.

Thanks to LadySherlock, Bradley, Nathan J., LupusYonderboy, Mark V. and Kyle, who agree there was probably a lot of "this is not the ass you're looking for" going on in jail that night.

  • asdfadsfadfs

    obiwan was always a mean drunk anyway....the 2 times we've seen him drink he was all about chopping the arms.

  • Markas Paliokas

    this is funny but its only a  one of these funny names :D theres more here

  • Obi-wank-enobi!

  • NutSpark

    Told him not to turn off his targeting computer.  -Jek Porkins

  • Guest

    Couldn't he use his mighty Jedi powers to get out of trouble?
    Kenobi: "You will not give me a ticket, you will allow me to do doughnut rounds in your car."

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