Nutjob Rides Mountain Bike Down Steps Of A Mountain

May 15, 2012


This is a video from the helmet-cam of Marcelo Gutierrez as he barrels down the stairs of Monserrate Mountain in Bogata, Columbia as part of the RedBull Devotos de Monserrate 2012 race. It kind of made me motion-sick to watch. Motion-sick AND feel like a sissy. Because there is no way you could get me to do that. One time I tried riding over the curb onto the street and wound up with a face that looks like overbaked lasagna. Plus two of my teeth went down a sewer. I tried training a neighbor's cat to go down there and get them for me but he said he couldn't find them even though the next day he was sporting this big ol' beaver-looking grin.

Hit the jump for the video but maybe line your computer seat with some old newspapers or something first.

Thanks to Terry, who sometimes rides his bike to work but it's pretty much all flat and hardly worth catching on camera. Not true bro -- what if you run into a parked car?! I'd watch that.

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