NASA, It's Not For Everyone: Father And Son's Homemade Rocket Explodes In Dad's Face During Separation Test

May 16, 2012


This is a video of an aspiring father/son astronaut team testing the computer-controlled booster separation of their homemade rocket. They decided to use six grams of black powder to force the two tubes apart, which, based on the explosive result, may have just been a number picked out of a hat. Also, I love how the weights they use to prevent the rocket from going anywhere are fertilizer bags. I knew the NASA budget cuts were bad, but this is just depressing. I need a drink. "You're drinking one." I know, but now I want two at the same time.

Hit the jump for the video, explosion is right after 1:35, followed by the disapproving mother and daughter meandering into the scene.

Thanks to Taggart, who agrees the best way to get two pieces of a rocket to separate is to tell one that the other's been sleeping with a spaceship from work.

  • handicappedentertainment

    At least it worked properly. "Oh mah werd".

  • weaselmouse

    Where the fuck is the nose cone, and why is it still strapped to the dolly? With wheels? STUPID.

    And I totally agree with John Fenlon all the way. I ask these things too ._. That poor kid needs to do his own homework next time.

  • Louis Cayle McKernan

     lol clearly it says its a test why are you slamming them for testing a system before launch......... the charge seemed sufficient and not too much.......the only real issue was hazard prevention..........aka don't stand in  the path of a projectile ......and for god's sake get longer cables..............they should get props for being able to do this instead of the more common task kids do now a days.......this kid has a future how about you?

  • LostBoyGoonie

    We can play Monday morning quarterback on this all day long... but for me, I just loved the fact that a father and son were working on something like that.

  • Hello, as the owner of this video, i appreciate you letting me know you put this up. Also, it didn't explode in his face, it just separated. It went perfectly well.

  • Louis Cayle McKernan

    I do think it would have been wise to have a much longer computer cable and maybe a tripod for the camera.  Safety first.......Especially with black powder.  However I Saftey issues aside I do see that it work perfectly and am glad to see a father and son doing something that involves science............ Most kids would be inside veging out in front of a computer..... Probably trolling on some blog trying to belittle those who are actually out there having fun.....o wait     damn......... any way kudo's would be nice to see the rocket work.............. just buy a longer wire for the launch lol As long as you learn from your mistakes your a better person....... you did not just found one way not to test a rocket system.......and another way not to film it aka (trajectory path)

  • Soylent Green Is People

     I think I can safely speak for everyone else here when I say that I wish you and your dad were both sitting on the rock when the booster detonated.

  • Oh my word! Haha. As smart as this guy sounds, you would think he would have opted for a longer cable from laptop to "poor-man's rocket."

  • That looks like it did what it was suppose to  :S Not the explosion I was expecting. 

  • I want to see a video of the second or third test...yes the third test. Third time is always the charm.

  • Amanda Padgett

    Natural Selection in progress.

  • GreyGanado

    The only one who got hurt was the son.

  • Dy7lan (the seven is silent)

    I for one encourage this kind of moronic behavior. Although I was quite dissapointed with the size of the "explosion"

  •  I blame the black cat. Those are bad luck you know.

  • Brandon Smith

    "Jezus!..Oh mai werd!"

  • Justice Law

    When I read the post heading, I had thought you were going to tell us about how the guy died.  Sometimes, I am glad when I am wrong.

  • Guest

    This might of not happened if:
    A: They were more careful.
    B: That black cat didn't cross his path.

  • Jesus! Oh my word!! 

  • JonTheTerrible

    Who the fuck sits that close to an explosion of any size?
    And for question #2. They are building a rocket but can't afford longer cables for the computer? Really?
    Dad: Well we dun got it to launch but it only traveled a meter since them damn wires is too short.

  • Its 6g of bp. You need to hold a charge like that closed in your fist for it to cause a significant injury. Honestly, the only real safety recommendation here would have been better eye protection in case of splinters.

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