NASA, It's Not For Everyone: Father And Son's Homemade Rocket Explodes In Dad's Face During Separation Test

May 16, 2012


This is a video of an aspiring father/son astronaut team testing the computer-controlled booster separation of their homemade rocket. They decided to use six grams of black powder to force the two tubes apart, which, based on the explosive result, may have just been a number picked out of a hat. Also, I love how the weights they use to prevent the rocket from going anywhere are fertilizer bags. I knew the NASA budget cuts were bad, but this is just depressing. I need a drink. "You're drinking one." I know, but now I want two at the same time.

Hit the jump for the video, explosion is right after 1:35, followed by the disapproving mother and daughter meandering into the scene.

Thanks to Taggart, who agrees the best way to get two pieces of a rocket to separate is to tell one that the other's been sleeping with a spaceship from work.

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