Mountain Dew Cupcakes With Mountain Dew Icing

May 3, 2012


RUN -- the Hulk got into the Mountain Dew cupcakes again!

These are Mountain Dew cupcakes with Mountain Dew icing (links to recipe) made by blogger The Geeky Hostess to help stay awake during AMC's Ultimate Marvel Marathon, a 15-hour Marvel movie marathon culminating with the midnight premiere of The Avengers. Apparently she was given permission to bring cupcakes into the theater, but for those of you who weren't, she recommends sneaking a bag of mini-cupcakes and container of icing in your purse and NOT between your buttcheecks which I could have sworn was pretty standard smuggling procedure. *penguin-walking to bathroom*

Thanks to Tara, who knows I'm not allowed to drink Mountain Dew anymore because the last time I did I punched a hole in the ceiling with my head. What? I thought I was a rocket!

  • "Forbidden

    You don't have permission to access /mountain-dew-cupcakes/ on this server."


  • Norm

    Could somebody copy+paste the recipe? Link doesn't work.

  • Guest

    "It'll tickle your innards", I love that classic old Mt. Dew slogan. 

  • Leo

    @richard - master chef over here offended by a box of cake mix. when you clicked on a link for MOUNTAIN DEW cupcakes did you expect a gourmet recipe with the freshest of ingredients ?

  • Shaun9lives

    Actually, using soda in cakes is a legit baking technique, from Coca-Cola cake in the South and Fantakuchen in Germany, to lots of vegan recipes as substitute for eggs and such.  It results in a very moist and light cake, and often doesn't even taste like the soda used. 

    But Mountain Dew, yeah, that made me throw up in my mouth a little

  • JCB5150

    I read this as "Master Chief over here..." and wondered why he was busy looking for a recipe when the Covenant was attacking

  • Seriously a pathetic excuse for a baked good...  No recipe which starts with "1 box of of yellow cake mix" should be allowed to be blogged about.

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