Mmmmmm, Sadness: Salts Made From Human Tears

May 31, 2012


What, no 'Salt from the tears of GW crying during a chick flick?'

This is a series of salts made from human tears by purveyor to the monsters Hoxton Street Monster Supplies in the UK. The site is set up to make you think they're actually made from human tears, but SPOILER: they're not. First of all, there's no reason why (derder!) salt made from the tears of somebody laughing would be a different shape and color than those made from somebody sad. Secondly, the number one ingredient for the bars of 'Impacted Earwax' they sell is fudge. Still, don't let that stop you from sending your friends to the site with an "LOL -- can you believe this?!" Works great on moms and grandmas too!

Thanks to Chuey The Midget and Viscouse, who agree if you're really gonna go through the trouble of harvesting human tears you better be making some f***ing potions.

  • Can I order them custom extracted from my enemies? Tears from their women and children would also be an acceptable substitute.

  • Is this for real?

  • Ethan Letourneau

    actually there would be some difference between salt made form happy tears and sad tears. the body secretes different chemicals in those tears as a result of the emotion. i doubt it would have a different flavor if salt was made out of it, but you never know

  • u can know. salt from human tears is sold in london

  • Broden

    But... couldn't we technically still make salt from human tears? Sure it would just be the same color but that idea is kind of awesome.

  • salt from human tears is sold in london

  • Where all the best monsters get their supplies.

  • Demonic Cries


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