Mmmm, Air Steak: Butcher Shop's Meat Balloon Display

May 24, 2012


New York City butcher shop Japan Premium Beef recently had these meat balloons (created by design firm ODL) on display in their front window to...actually I don't know why. To make customers think you're a novelty balloon store? They don't look very appetizing, I can tell you that. Well, except for the long brown ones in the front -- give me two of those. Oooh -- and a *tehehe* RUMP roast. One time I was at the grocery story and asked the butcher for a steak cut from as close to the butthole as possible and then made chomping sounds with my teeth. He asked me to leave, true story.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots and a video.




Thanks to Joann, who heard meat balloon diets are like, so in right now.

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