Man Takes Lightning Bolt To The Junk, Lives To Tell Tale

May 4, 2012


Note: Picture of actual event, NOT Pikachu bursting out of some dude's pants.

A man in Spain was recently struck in the nuts by a rogue lightning bolt and amazingly lived to tell the tale. Granted he hasn't told too many people, but unless it transformed his peenor into Thor's hammer and can shoot lightning itself now I don't blame him.

The man was walking on Avenida de La Ilustración--a street in Madrid's suburb Tres Cantos--when the lightning struck his scrotum through his pants, travelled down one of his legs and went to the sidewalk through his foot. He fell unconscious.

His son called the emergency services, who treated the burns on his scrotum and feet. They moved him to the Hospital de la Paz, where he got under several tests. Luckily, his heart and brain were not affected by the lightning, said the doctors.

"Heart and brain were not affected..."? Sure, provided he's not the kind of guy that thinks with his balls. What are those guys called again? Oh right, ALL MEN. Well, all men except me. I'm a romancer. A NECROMANCER. *casting spell to reanimate family dog*

Thanks to Carsten, who almost got stuck by lightning once but was all, "Oh hell no, God -- not today!" and redirected it at someone else using a bent coat hanger.

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