(Make A Crappy Bigger On The Inside Joke): TARDIS Corset

May 15, 2012



This is a Dr. Who themed TARDIS corset. You cinch it up real good in the back, and it makes you look slimer. "Like the Ghostbuster's pet?" YOU KNOW I MEANT SLIMMER. Etsy seller Corsetwonderland is selling the thing for $225, so if you want it, go and get it before some other busty lady beats you to it. You wanna know what my favorite part about it is? It's one of those corsets that doesn't cover up your taytays. *bouncing manboobs* Isn't that right, guys? You guys like to be free, don't you? Yeah you do. *licks nip, gets hair in mouth*

Thanks to Speakerbag, who agrees the best corsets are the ones made out of same material as fairy tales: pure imagination.

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