Little Robot Makes Its Own Tools Out Of Hot Glue

May 23, 2012


This is a brutally crappy quality video of a robot at ETH Zurich that's been taught how to make it's own tools by building layers of hot glue. In the video it makes a little cup to transfer water from one cat food bowl to another, and only took 55-minutes! Your cat would be licking the water from your toothbrush by then. The future, ladies and gentlemen! Admittedly, it would be kind of cool to program a robot to make a samurai sword and stab itself. Oh man, here comes the part where, based on my programming, he learns that all robots are useless and decides to stab himsel -- HOLY SHIT IT'S COMING AFTER US. Code Red -- Mountain Dew Code Red! God I love that stuff. One time when I was in the hospital after a car accident a nurse actually caught me trying to pour a 20-oz. of Code Red into my IV bag. "Lies." Fine -- it was my enema bag. It made my butt sticky!

Hit the jump for the video but maybe just don't and say you did.

Thanks to LupusYonderBoy, who makes his own tools out of spit and dirt. Hoho, another batch of mud -- you're good!

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