Listen!: Navi (The Fairy, Not A Kitty From Avatar) Cosplay

May 31, 2012


This is a small (three picture) gallery of Redditor Irv's female friend cosplaying as everyone's least favorite fairy companion, Navi. I guess she has her shining ability turned off, because in the game she just looked like a flashlight beam with wings. What was Nintendo thinking making such a repetitive, unhelpful NPC anyways? Also, how many of you tried to stab and eat her whenever you were running low on hearts? Exactly, all of you. Oh -- except for one man in the back. You, sir -- you never tried to kill Navi? "I found this article looking for Avatar porn." Honesty: it's not always the best policy. I'll give you a three-second head start before I whip your ass from here to Hyrule. "Not Pandora?" In your dreams, pervert!

Hit the jump for two more.



Thanks to PYY, who promised to cosplay as a Zora for me if I learned how to hold my breath underwater for over a minute. I suspect she's a mermaid.

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