Listen!: Navi (The Fairy, Not A Kitty From Avatar) Cosplay

May 31, 2012


This is a small (three picture) gallery of Redditor Irv's female friend cosplaying as everyone's least favorite fairy companion, Navi. I guess she has her shining ability turned off, because in the game she just looked like a flashlight beam with wings. What was Nintendo thinking making such a repetitive, unhelpful NPC anyways? Also, how many of you tried to stab and eat her whenever you were running low on hearts? Exactly, all of you. Oh -- except for one man in the back. You, sir -- you never tried to kill Navi? "I found this article looking for Avatar porn." Honesty: it's not always the best policy. I'll give you a three-second head start before I whip your ass from here to Hyrule. "Not Pandora?" In your dreams, pervert!

Hit the jump for two more.



Thanks to PYY, who promised to cosplay as a Zora for me if I learned how to hold my breath underwater for over a minute. I suspect she's a mermaid.

  • Tim Cole

    i love the little triforce on her stomach

  • Azariel_z

    wait a minute,I always though a costume for navi would involve a giant winged furry balloon.
    I really do like her lips though...

  • You can't hold your breath for even a minute? Jeez that's pretty weak.

  • Underwater and out of water affect you differently

  • That is one pretty, pretty costume. I have the sudden urge to be a fairy.

  • da1nonlysage

    There are drugs for that...

    You know, to become a fairy, and stuf..

  • I think they might mess with my medication.

  • Ryron Man


  • Sally

    So that's where all that weight I gained went!

  • Ryron Man

    Sorry, xxStephy. I was just kidding, you're really pretty.

  • Testnoig

  • I lieeekkkk her

  • Duane Drew

    nice tits navi

  • Why is there always a picture of them sad and looking down? No matter who GW posts on here for cosplay, frikkin always sad and looking down. You fail as a fairy...BE HAPPY YOU POG!

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    what you are seeing is the exact moment of reality recognition that they are adults dressed as fictional (cartoon, video game, comic book...etc) characters and that this is the pinnacle of their existence on this planet.

  • SupaDude

    What kind of expression is that? Does she have to poop? *Does sexy poop face*
    Good costume tho... although I like the one they used for Zelda gets Played much better.
    This one just looks like some wings attached to some lacy underwear.
    (Just in case you haven't seen it. In that case you're waaaay late)

  • Sally

    Yes, this is my poop face, thank you for noticing :D

  • $18922249


  • edgar luna

    so this is why link was so eager to follow around a little blue light

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