Just Like A Rainbow: Ariel And Sisters Mermaid Cosplay

May 29, 2012



How this flew under my radar is beyond me because I swear I had a Google Alert set for Ariel related cosplay, but I'm kidding -- I'm not 26 anymore and I'm way past that. This is a series of girls cosplaying as Ariel and her mermaid sisters all shot by Lunnaya Nadejda (aka DeviantARTist Usagi-Tsukino-krv). I posted several of the group shots after the jump, so imagine those are the appetizer, then check out her DeviantART page for the metaphorical main course. Or the actual main course -- who knows, maybe you're a monster that eats websites.

Hit the jump for several more, but be sure to check out Lunnaya's DeviantART for a ton more of the mermaids individually, and of everything else (Sailor Moon, Jessica Rabbit, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.)







Thanks to Sarah G., who heard a lot of 3-hour boat tours won't allow anyone cosplaying as a mermaid aboard because mermen will throw themselves on deck and then dry out in the sun. They're endangered you know.

  • Marcus Como

    Would be hotter if any of them could fill a B-cup. Hell, I doubt ALL of them could fill one.

  • osteenq

    You'd think that if they had to include a freaking merman, the least they could have done is find one who actually LOOKS like a man.

  • Looks like Bladezz from The Guild is doing more modeling gigs...

  • Sebastiann Elegant√© Neely

    That is some cheap Photoshop work.

  • Doug Eldridge

    I came.

  • L Bruce Olson

    I want to gut and clean them, but i don't know where to start.

  • BeastmanAIDS

    The chick in the back isn't wearing a bikini top! Also; Ursula going in for a grope in the last picture... the villain.

  • Geigh

    You forgot to blur out that one girls tits in a couple of the photos. I thought this was a family site?

  • Sebastiann Elegant√© Neely

    That's a merman, I'm fairly certain.

  • That merman is concealing a boner in that fin sock :3

  • Good Christ get them back in the water before they die!!

  • I didnt know Ariel had sisters? the hell?

  • Hayley Prychun Rodgers

    Have never seen the movie? She is late for their (as in all of them, including Ariel) singing concert at the beginning of the movie.

  • Needs more merman; or boobs; or both.

  • kevin dijkshoorn

    Thanks, now I have an erection.

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