Kid Builds Functional Portal Turret For School Project

May 10, 2012


Seen here hanging out with his friend the motorized wheelchair, the fully functional Portal turret that Penn State University student/Youtube user kss5095 built for his final project in Advanced Mechatronics (WTF are they teaching kids these days?) prepares to blast a trespasser with NERF darts. The gun tracks victims via webcam and its builder plans to create a game-accurate Aperture Science shell for it in the coming months. Me? I plan on stealing it after that time and mounting it in my yard. "But how will you steal it without getting shot?" Simple, I'm gonna repel down from above on a cable like that guy in the that one movie. "Mission Impossible?" No, I haven't seen any of those -- that other movie, the one I really liked. "Spy Kids?" YES! Might be time to break out the DVD and watch it again.

Hit the jump for a video demo.

Thanks to Mark, who doesn't need an automated turret to guard his house because he doesn't sleep and has nunchucks taped to both hands. I like your style bro -- high five. *OW!*

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