KegDroid: An Android-Based Automated Beer Dispenser

May 1, 2012


Seen here looking suspiciously like Stephen King, Google employee Paul Carff shows off his homebrew(!) Android beer dispenser. Listen Paul: I don't care what the hell operating system a keg is running as long as the beer's cold and my glass is clean. Kidding, totally fine with hot and dirty -- just like my dancing. *booty-grinding on copier*

Paul Carff combined a Motorola Xoom running ICS with an Arduino microcontroller to create KegDroid, a friendly green beer dispenser. The Xoom acts as a gatekeeper to that brewed goodness, only letting the bot dispense drinks after users swipe an authorized badge. The badge is read by an NFC scanner on the bottom of the case and is then authenticated (or rejected) by the Arduino board. Once the system grants access, users can choose from two selections on tap via a custom Android application displayed on the Xoom's screen.

There's a video of Paul showing off the entire system after the jump, including one of his own homemade beers, which, according to the rating system he created, has only gotten 3/5 stars. AHAHAHHAHAHAHHA -- free beer and your friends are still @$$holes!

Thanks to Timbo Slice, Ben, Jacob and my brother SuperFRANK, who agree drinking beer in the garage alone is second only to drinking beer in the shower with company.

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