Your Face Is About To Fly Off: Wind Tunnel Portraits

May 17, 2012


This is a series of portraits by photographer Tadao Cern dirtily called Blow Job, showing people's faces being brutalized by high winds. God, they're all just so...gummy. I just couldn't do it. I'd be too afraid of my eyeballs getting blown out and then flapping around behind my head like two tetherballs fighting in a tornado. No thank you.

Hit the jump for a good smattering of examples, but be sure to check out Tadao's Facebook page for the project where there's like a hundred.










Thanks to The Cupcake Queen, who rules over her subjects with an icing bag and a magic wand that shoots rainbow sprinkles. OMG -- shoot me in the FACE.

  • Nate

    Everyone looks normal to me...

  • Justice Law

    Now, they should perform an experiment.  Right before everyone of these people are going to have relations, show their partner their wind tunnel photo.  Likelihood of contraception = 0%

  • Guest

     I would love to see caricatures of these photos.

  • Jim Perry

    And yet their clothes remain just fine.

  • Guest

    They seem to be given anti-laws-o-physics clothing. DO WANT!!!

  • justin_louis

    These have definitely been tweaked with a photoshop liquify filter.

  • Max Baldwin

    Now that you have seen these I want you to go through these again and look at them as if they are taking the worlds largest load of semen to the face.

  • Shaun9lives

    Cool.  I'd really like to see a diptych normal face / wind tunnel face, before and after style.  

  • looks like my typical monday morning face.

  • The best is the second guy, because his face is so distorted. 

  • Chris New

    Logan Crable did it first

  • Lord Vashti

    But did he do it best?

  • rainsoakedpuppy

    Why do I automatically think "ICP fan" when I look at these? :\

  • Now what would happen with Joan Rivers, I wonder?

  • Isaac Dudeguy


  • The best orgasms in the world

  • Frédéric Purenne


  • The last guy has a wolverine thing going on

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