I'm Not That Special: Chart Of How Common A Birthday Is

May 16, 2012


This is an easy-to-understand chart depicting how common birthdays are in the US based on data from 1973-1999. *sobbing* My parents said I was special -- it looks like half the f***ing country was born August 12th! So yeah, basically if you were born in July-September you aren't that special because it's a well known fact that everybody porks like crazy in the winter because it's cold and, well, there's nothing good on TV and you're already under the covers. Nobody wants to have sex in the middle of August and get all hot & sticky then not be able to cool down because your shitty window-unit air conditioner doesn't even work well enough to prevent you from breaking a sweat sitting still. "You're crazy. I love hot, summer sex." YOU ARE A FREAK. "No, I just have A/C that works." Ooooh, Mr. Moneybags over here -- shut up and go eat your cavalier! "Caviar?" OMG you think you're SO fancy. You're no better than me! *tries flicking booger but it keeps getting stuck to a fingernail*

Thanks to Gregory, who tried telling me he was born on a leap day. Impressive, Gregory, but nowhere near as impressive as being born ON A SPACESHIP like I was. Haha -- I win!

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