I Believe It: What Fry And Leela's Babies Would Look Like

May 7, 2012


Redditor/artist Doodiescoop (I prefer to pick it up like a crane) decided to explore what Fry and Leela's children might look like if Fry weren't so awkward and actually managed to knock up ol' one-eye. These are them. Accurate? I guess so. Unless their children would actually have three eyes like those nuclear power plant fish from the Simpsons. Man, I've eaten mutated fish before. "Is that why you're growing gills?" THEY'RE NONFUNCTIONAL SKIN FLAPS.

Thanks to barney, who sent me a hand-drawn picture of what he thought it would look like if he and Zoidberg had a baby. It...was interesting.

  • Guest

    My comment: "aaaaawwwwww"

  • In the future, would they still use braces to correct teenage teeth?

  • I'm pretty sure Leela had braces in the episode when they kept getting younger. That or in a flashback.

  • Ab Munguía

    Do they have the same number of chromosomes?

  • Justice Law

    I went to the guys Reddit.  Read 2 posts for 2 hours.

    1.  Funniest Picture On Internet (made me laugh, alot)
    2.Most Embarrassing Sex Stories, in Haiku Form (Read it, related to it.  Laughed, then felt sad, angry, and ashamed [wont' say why])

  • Justice Law

    Ok, lets say my first experiences were... very shameful.  *sigh*

  • n_a_a_s

    meh... they look too 'simpsons'.  The skies limit has been reached.

    .....and for every fucktwit thinking right now "derp, it's matt groening' - - - I KNOW cap'n thanksforpointingouttheobvious

  • Andrew St. Andrew

    if you know, then what are you expecting instead??

  • David X. Coen -- get this episode into production, stat!

  • n_a_a_s

     why does every comment of yours make me want to punch my baby sister Pat??

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