How Much For A DIY Kit?: $6K-$128K Pet Mummification

May 4, 2012


The ancient Egyptians: they were smart. So smart they were the first race to be able to communicate with aliens and had them come build the pyramids. The mummification thing? That was a little weird. But the smartest people you know are often the most eccentric. *twirls Dali mustache, puffs from dragon-bone pipe* Enter Summm's pet mummification process (although they also do humans), a $6,000-$128,000 procedure (depending on the size of your pet) that ensures a long afterlife for your beloved friend. Oooooor a bunch of creeped out house guests.

"Is that...a mummy dog?"
"Yep, the mummified remains of my dog are in there -- only cost me $40,000."
"I...think I left something in the car."
"You're leaving aren't you?"
"And never coming back, yes."

Thanks to Gary, who heard all dogs go to heaven, so why waste the money? Cats? Cats are on their own.

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